Professional Experience Stephan Tobler

Year of Birth: 1967

Nationality: Swiss

Senior Principal 
BI Strategy & Scoping
Founder & President BI Vision GmbH






Fluet in spoken and written


Fluet in spoken and written



Areas of Special Expertise

Methods /


  • Strategy and Scoping for BI environments
  • Business Process Design
  • Agile Project Methods (SCRUM)
  • Evaluation of appropriate technologies for customer's specific needs
  • Business and technical requirements management
  • Business Intelligence Competency Center - Organizational Setup
  • Information Evolution Assessment - Methodology
  • End-to-End Business Intelligence Platform - Reference Architecture
  • Integrated requirements, configuration and test management
  • Data Governance and Enterprise Information Management (EIM)
  • Enterprise Risk Management


Banking, Insurance, Credit Card Issuers, Telecommunications, Public Services, Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing

Management Experience

Managing Director
Management and coaching of complex international projects


  • High communication skills at all levels of an organization.
  • More than 25 years of experience in data warehousing, business intelligence and advanced analytics.
  • Strong competence in methodologies to form the vision and strategy as well as design the functional solution architecture.



Project Experience (Excerpt)

since November 2018

Credit Card Processor and Issuer, Switzerland

  • Business requirements analysis for various digitization projects
  • Support the implementation processes from a business perspective

2015 – 2018

Credit and Leasing, Switzerland

  • Business requirements analysis for the development of a new MIS and ad-hoc analytical platform with involvement of the management board, sales, finance, marketing, operations and risk management
  • Project support throughout the entire development phase
  • Test management and functional quality assurance
  • User acceptance testing

2014 – 2018

Automotive / Manufacturing, Germany

  • Project management support for a new quality and production analytics solution
  • Coaching of project team (project management, IT and analysts)
  • Alignment of project goals to business expectations
  • Test strategy and design as well as test scenario definition
  • Support the customer in selecting the right 3rd party supplier
  • Define and establish governance processes and roles
  • Define and implement quality assurance processes
  • Support advanced analytical use cases

2016 – 2017

Credit Card Issuer, Switzerland

  • Support program to introduce new card products
  • Impact analysis on existing DWH and BI environment
  • Project management focused on DWH/BI changes


Banking, Switzerland

  • Support the migration of a SAS reporting platform from zOS/DB2 to Linux/Exadata

2015 - 2016

Credit Card Issuer, Switzerland

  • Operationalization of the existing DWH and analytics platform
  • Analysis of the existing application architecture
  • Elaborate on migration concepts and scenarios
  • Project management

2015 - 2016

Banking, Switzerland

  • Develop architecture scenarios for the future BI landscape
  • Define governance processes and roles in the BI context

2014 – 2015

Payment Services, Switzerland

  • Analysis of the functional and technical impacts related to the complete migration of the processing, CRM and reporting environment


Public Transport, Switzerland

  • Strategy and roadmap for the extension of an existing MIS
  • Define governance processes including change management, user support, quality assurance and testing


Credit and Leasing, Switzerland

  • Vision, strategy and functional solution design for the replacement of an existing MIS
  • Alignment of solution design to regulatory requirements
  • Define key governance processes
  • Evaluate project and application risks
  • Agree on implementation plan with all stakeholders

2013 – 2014

Insurance (Life, P&C, Health), Switzerland

  • Strategy for the future analytical BI platform
  • Design governance processes and roles
  • Develop the roadmap to harmonize analytical and standard BI reporting environments
  • Support the BI Competence Center related to their deliverables with alignment to the overall strategic BI architecture

2012 – 2013

Credit Card Issuer, Switzerland

  • Conception of the Analytical Workbench for multi-channel marketing campaigns
  • Assessment of the functional requirements with business representatives and the marketing analytics team
  • Design the functional architecture, including data mining model management, automation and optimization of marketing campaigns

2012 – 2013

Credit Card Issuer, Switzerland

  • Assessment of the data warehouse and analytical platform related to PCI/DSS compliance
  • Propose high-level solution approach

2011 – 2014

Credit Card Issuer, Switzerland

  • Design of the integration concept of the new customer loyalty program into the analytical DWH platform

2011 – 2014

Automotive / Manufacturing, Germany

  • Support proof of concept for quality life cycle analysis
  • Help create the vision for long-term improvement of quality across all production processes.
  • Assess business and technical requirements and define the long-term BI strategy

2011 - 2012

Automotive Supply Chain & Demand Management, Germany

  • Strategy and Scoping for enterprise-wide SCM BI platform.
  • Information Architecture and Data Governance & Quality profiling
  • Definition of requirements and test management


Insurance (Life, P&C, Health), SE Asia Region, Hong Kong

  • Business Strategy and Scoping for regional Data Warehouse.
  • Strategy for Business Intelligence Competency Center.
  • Support for RFI/RFP process to select the appropriate solution technology and system integrator
  • Information Architecture and Data Governance & Quality profiling
  • Definition of requirements and test management.

2009 - 2011

Manufacturing, Switzerland

  • Project Management, high-level and detail-level design for the new consolidation and management reporting environment with SAP BFC


Insurance (P&C), Birmingham, UK

  • Project BI Programme; Implementation and enhancements of the en-to-end SAS Insurance Intelligence Solution

2008 – 2009

Telecommunications, Switzerland

  • Project Analytical Backbone (Campaign Management, Customer Segmentation, Customer Scoring, Customer Affinity, Churn Prevention)

2006 – 2008

Telecommunications, Switzerland

  • Project New BI (new architecture for replacement of the existing data warehouse)

2004 – 2008

Banking, Switzerland

  • Conception and development of Web-based, bank-wide reporting (SAS Web application for individual reporting)
  • Development of risk reporting with SAS
  • SAS architecture engineering on zOS and Windows server

2002 – 2006

Credit Card Issuer, Switzerland

  • Conception and development of data management layers in the analytical CRM environment with SAS

1999 – 2007


Banking, Switzerland

  • Business Requirements Engineering Credit Risk solution
  • Business Requirements Engineering Basel II
  • Business & IT Requirements for integrated metadata management
  • Processes und policies for testing & quality assurance

1998 – 2001

Banking, Switzerland

  • Conception, development and rollout of the SAS-based Corporate Credit Portfolio Management Data Warehouse


Car Manufacturer, South Korea

  • Design and implementation of a Changed Data Capture (Incremental Update) solution from zOS/DB2 to UNIX/Informix

1996 – 1997

Telecommunications, Switzerland

  • Conception and development of the data delivery environment with SAS, including changed data capture, for the private customer DWH, based on zOS/DB2 and AIX/Oracle

1996 – 1998

Government, Statistical Office, Switzerland

  • Development of the data acquisition layer for the Swiss educational statistics
  • SAS Engineering and user support and training