Our competencies span across the entire life cycle of Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics programs with strong emphasis on

  • Vision and strategy
  • Functional requirements
  • Governance
  • Technology selection

Vision and Strategy

We help customers to agree on a common vision and strategy with a well-defined and iterative approach, addressing 

  • Expectations from management
  • Functional requirements of the business experts
  • Architectural requirements of IT departments


The readiness and maturity of an organization and its processes, ist key to effective analytical capabilities. We help companies to

  • Define the right organizational structure, roles and processes
  • Subordinate the competency center at the right organizational level

Technology Evaluation

BI Vision helps you choose the right technologies for your specific situation though

  • Support in RFI / RFP processes
  • Working out criteria for vendor evaluation
  • Assistance in Proof of Concept activities

Information Management

Analytics heavily depend on adequate data quality. We help you to

  • Define the conceptual information model (BOM)
  • Perform profiling on data quality issues in the core systems
  • Propose priorities for corrective actions