Professional Experience of Stephan Tobler

Stephan Tobler,

Founder of BI Vision

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Senior Principal
BI Strategy & Scoping

Founder & President BI Vision GmbH






Fluet in spoken and written


Fluet in spoken and written



Areas of Special Expertise

Methods /


Strategy and Scoping for BI environments
Business Process Design
Agile Project Methods (SCRUM)
Evaluation of appropriate technologies for customer?s specific needs
Business and technical requirements management
Business Intelligence Competency Center - Organizational Setup
Information Evolution Assessment - Methodology
End-to-End Business Intelligence Platform - Reference Architecture

Integrated requirements, configuration and test management
Data Governance and Enterprise Information Management (EIM)
Enterprise Risk Management


Banking, Insurance, Credit Card Issuers, Telecommunications, Public Services, Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing

Management Experience

Managing Director
Management and coaching of complex international projects


High communication skills at all levels of an organization.
More than 25 years of experience in data warehousing, business intelligence and advanced analytics.
Strong competence in methodologies to form the vision and strategy as well as design the functional solution architecture.


Current Projects (Excerpt)

since February 2016

Credit Card Issuer, Switzerland

  • Introduction of new card products
    • Impact analysis related to the existing BI platform
    • Project management during implementation

since December 2015

Cantonal Bank, Switzerland

  • Elaboration of architecture scenarios for the future BI application landscape
  • Definition of governance processes and roles in the BI context

since September 2015

Credit & Leasing Company, Switzerland

  • Requirements analysis for a new MIS and ad-hoc analysis environment together with top-level management, sales, finance, marketing, operations and risk management
  • Project management in the implementation phase

since January 2014

Automotive / Manufacturing, Germany

  • Advisory for quality and production analytics pilot implementation project
  • Coaching of the project management team
  • Align pilot project goals to functional needs
  • Define testing strategy
  • Design test sceanrios and test cases
  • Assist in supplier selection process
  • Define and build the governance proesses around the extension and operation of the analytics platfrom
  • Definition and implementation of the quality assurance framework

Past Projects (Excerpt)

2015 - 2016

Credit Card Issuer, Switzerland

  • Operationalization of the existing DWH and analytics platform
    • Analysis of the application architecture
    • Definition of the migration approach
    • Project management in the implementation phase


Public Transports, Switzerland

  • Define the strategy and roadmap for extending an existing MIS solution towards future functional needs
  • Define new governance processes, including change management, user support, quality assurance and testing
  • Develop the concept and implementation plan for a new finance MIS

2014 - 2015

Payment Services, Switzerland

  • Complete re-engineering of the processing, CRM and reporting environments
    • Business requirements analysis for reporting
    • Design of the new DWH-related solution architecture


Credit & Leasing Company, Switzerland

  • Vision, strategy and high-level solution design for the replacement of an existing MIS application
  • Alignment to regulatory compliance needs
  • Define key governance processes
  • Assess application and project risks
  • Align stakeholders to common implementation roadmap

2013 - 2014

Insurance (Life, P&C, Health), Switzerland

  • Define strategy for analytical BI
  • Design governance roles and processes
  • Develop roadmap for hamonization of analytics with standard BI reporting
  • Consulting for the BI service center related to the implementation of their future analytical BI platform
  • Alignment to the overall strategical corporate Bi architecture

2012 - 2013

Credit Card Issuer, Switzerland

  • Assessment of the data warehouse and analytical platform related to PCI/DSS compliance.
  • Propose high-level solution approach.

2011 - 2014

Credit Card Issuer, Switzerland

  • Design of the integration concept of the new customer loyalty program into the analytical DWH platform.

2011 - 2013

Automotive / Manufacturing, Germany

  • Assistance in proof of concept for quality life cycle analysis
  • Help create the vision for long-term improvement of quality across all production processes.
  • Assess business and technical requirements and define the long-term BI strategy

2011 - 2012

Automotive Supply Chain & Demand Management, Germany

  • Strategy and Scoping for enterprise-wide SCM BI platform.
  • Information Architecture and Data Governance & Quality profiling
  • Definition of requirements and test management


Insurance (Life, P&C, Health), SE Asia Region, Hong Kong

  • Business Strategy and Scoping for regional Data Warehouse.
  • Strategy for Business Intelligence Competency Center.
  • Support for RFI/RFP process to select the appropriate solution technology and system integrator
  • Information Architecture and Data Governance & Quality profiling
  • Definition of requirements and test management.

2009 - 2011

Manufacturing, Switzerland

  • Project Management, high-level and detail-level design for the new consolidation and management reporting environment with SAP BFC.


Insurance (P&C), Birmingham, UK

  • Project BI Programme; Implementation and enhancements of the en-to-end SAS Insurance Intelligence Solution

2008 - 2009

Telecommunications, Switzerland

  • Project Analytical Backbone (Campaign Management, Customer Segmentation, Customer Scoring, Customer Affinity, Churn Prevention)

2006 - 2008

Telecommunications, Switzerland

  • Project New BI (new architecture for replacement of the existing data warehouse)

2004 - 2008

Banking, Switzerland

  • Conception and development of Web-based, bank-wide reporting (SAS Web application for individual reporting)
  • Development of risk reporting with SAS
  • SAS architecture engineering on zOS and Windows server

2002 - 2006

Credit Card Issuer, Switzerland

  • Conception and development of data management layers in the analytical CRM environment with SAS

1999 - 2007


Banking, Switzerland

  • Business Requirements Engineering Credit Risk solution
  • Business Requirements Engineering Basel II
  • Business & IT Requirements for integrated metadata management
  • Processes und policies for testing & quality assurance

1998 - 2001

Banking, Switzerland

  • Conception, development and rollout of the SAS-based Corporate Credit Portfolio Management Data Warehouse


Car Manufacturer, South Korea

  • Design and implementation of a Changed Data Capture (Incremental Update) solution from zOS/DB2 to UNIX/Informix

1996 - 1997

Telecommunications, Switzerland

  • Conception and development of the data delivery entvironment with SAS, including changed data capture, for the private customer DWH, based on zOS/DB2 and AIX/Oracle

1996 - 1998

Government, Statistical Office, Switzerland

  • Development of the data acquisition layer for the Swiss educational statistics
  • SAS Engineering and user support and training